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PostPosted: 11:57pm, Tue 20 Aug, 2013
by fredmr
new version 3.0.2 does not have RSS options in config file.
Is this capability disabled ? if not how to configure automatic
message generation based on RSS feed ?



PostPosted: 6:59am, Wed 21 Aug, 2013
by Dragonrider
RSS is now a plugin, as such should be available from the Find Plugins link in your phpList admin plugins page.

To assist the finding of this plugin, here's the latest link to a ZIP file on github.

Once you have downloaded the zip, unpack it and upload the rssmanager file and directory into your admin/plugins directory, refresh the plugins page, enable the RSSManager and set it up as you wish at the bottom of the Config>Settings page.


PostPosted: 12:43am, Thu 29 Aug, 2013
by fredmr
Thanks I will try it out.


PostPosted: 11:24pm, Thu 29 Aug, 2013
by fredmr
I installed the plugin and activated it.
RSS campaign was sent fine in a test run.
I would like your advise on following:
1. Subscription page editing asks for information for RSS manager - which options to offer, but always show all three, how do I change that to show only one option ?
what is the reason to send RSS daily, weekly or monthly and not every second day?
Do I need to ask subscriber approval later if I want to change frequency to daily or weekly?
If there are no new items in RSS feed - campaign will not be sent - is this correct?

2. Could you please point me in the right direction to setup cron job to get RSS nightly
and send out campaigns?
Thank you


PostPosted: 11:55am, Mon 09 Sep, 2013
by fredmr
Could you please reply to my previous message ?