Feature suggestion - phpmailer DKIM variables in config.php

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Feature suggestion - phpmailer DKIM variables in config.php

Postby Menathor » 10:04am, Sun 01 Sep, 2013

Hey guys,

Just upgraded to 3.0.2 and so far, so good. It's great to see HTML system messages as default now!

Just wondering, would you consider adding the DKIM variables from class.phpmailer.php to the phplist config.php file? I'm not a developer, but I'm guessing it would be a really since you're already passing other variables to it (host, port, username and password variables).

At the moment, I'm editing class.phpmailer.php and hardcoding them in there manually. It works perfectly, but it's not ideal when it comes to upgrade time.

The variables are:

Any thoughts?
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Re: Feature suggestion - phpmailer DKIM variables in config.

Postby emlosis » 3:17pm, Sat 05 Oct, 2013

Please read this topic :D

maybe can help you :D

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