Save a campaign as a website?

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Save a campaign as a website?

Postby heckerfaz » 8:05am, Tue 08 Oct, 2013

Hi There,
is it possible to save a campaign as a website? What i need is, to provide a link within a campaign, so the subscriber can view the content of the campaign with a webbrowser. Just in case the mail program won't dosplay the mail correctly.

I allready found the option to send the campaign as an PDF attachment, but i don't get this to work. I got fpdf working, but when creating a new campaign there is no option to add this pdf, and when sending the campaign the PDF isn't attached neither.

Thanks for help

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Re: Save a campaign as a website?

Postby Moonbase » 11:56am, Fri 29 Nov, 2013

I’m quite happy with this one by "xannonite":
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