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Can I send using my own table?

PostPosted: 8:28am, Tue 15 Oct, 2013
by coverman62
I have a db with all the subscribe and unsubscribe functions. I also have a unique webpage coded for every user, well at least unique links.

Is it possible to use phplist to send my newsletter to my subscribers with just the unique web page and e-mail?
They are all stored in a table where I have set one field called sent to 0 if it's not sent.
Is it possible to make phplist send to all that are marked 0 and then update that field to 1 when it's sent and use the e-mail and url that is connected to the same user in my table?

I already have a footer with unsubscribe links as well.

Or is phplist only working for using what I setup inside phplist?

Yes, I am all new to this. Just downloaded it and it looks good.