Unsubscribe from ONE of multiple lists

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Unsubscribe from ONE of multiple lists

Postby benderhune » 9:39pm, Thu 31 Oct, 2013

phpList version 3.0.5
Browser: Firefox ver. 24
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So here's the deal, I have multiple lists that will contain various different imported databases. I want to use phpList to manage only the subscribes and unsubscribes to the various databases. What I liked about phpList was the easy ability to set it up and allow visitors to sign up to one specific list of their choosing from the subscribe page, or if they chose, sign up for multiple different lists. HOWEVER, after several hours of configuration, I've come to realize a huge flaw in this platform. When you want to unsubscribe, you unsubscribe from EVERY LIST. So if I have a user that's subscribed to lists A, B, and C, but no longer wants to be on list A, they should be able to unsubscribe from just A and keep their subscriptions to B and C. However, the way I've found phpList to work is that when you're unsubscribe from list A, your automatically unsubscribed from lists A, B, and C, EVERY one. To me, this is just silly and makes absolutely no sense.

The links to subscribe and unsubscribe will be included in our newsletters that are currently sent out with a program, but it has no way to manage the databases, only read from them. I'd like to keep that program seeing how my company paid $200 for it some time ago.

When I was sifting through the language files, I noticed that there's one string that reads:
$strUnsubscribeSelect = 'Please select the newsletters you want to unsubscribe from';

This leads me to believe that there is already a way for individuals to select from a list which lists (newsletter) they choose to unsubscribe from, yet I have found absolutely no way to do it within the configuration files, nor have I found anything within these forums or any other place online on how to unsubscribe from only one list.

What I have tried: I created 2 subscribe/unsubscribe pages. One of them allows the visitor to subscribe to every newsletter that we offer, the other one only allows the visitor to select one. So for instance, the main page offers newsletters A, B, C, D, and E. The secondary subscribe page offers only newsletter A. I figured that if the subscribe page only allows you to subscribe to list A, that it will only take you off that specific list when you unsubscribe. That didn't work, it removed the user from every single list yet again.

Any thoughts? Is there any work-around to get this to work?

Edit: I am aware that users can use the individual preferences link that they are given in the "Welcome" email to choose if they want to unsubscribe from specific newsletters, however, I feel it's unlikely that our clients will save this email to have access to that ID specific URL that they are given. What I need is the ability for a person to punch in their email address and select from a list of newsletters that they want to unsubscribe from. This, I feel, is no different security-wise from being able to unsubscribe from all newsletters by simply punching in an email address.
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Re: Unsubscribe from ONE of multiple lists

Postby duncanc » 12:17pm, Fri 01 Nov, 2013

You can include the preferences link in your newsletters, instead of, or as well as, the unsubscribe link. With suitable words in the newsletter it should be clear to the subscriber what each link will do

e.g. "unsubscribe from individual newsletters" could actually go to the preferences page.
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Re: Unsubscribe from ONE of multiple lists

Postby benderhune » 4:18pm, Fri 01 Nov, 2013

Unfortunately, in order to provide each individual's preferences, I would have to rely on phpList to do the actual sending of the emails rather than using our current system. Each user has their own ID number, which means I cannot have a generic link using our current system to control specific unsubscribes. I suppose what I really need is a means to allow a user to access their ID number and preferences based off submitting their email address into a form. That's the only workaround that I can think of, though I have no clue if that's possible and I am not a backend database coder.
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