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Same message to multiple lists with minor variations

PostPosted: 11:40am, Sat 16 Nov, 2013
by doggiebox
I have a few hundred lists, each for a similar sort of business.

I want to send essentially the same message to all of the lists, but with minor variations (like phone numbers, URLs, names and maybe logo etc.) based on the list it is going to.

Can I do this somehow with phpList?

I would envisage something like some reference table phpList would refer to based on the name of the list it is sending to that contained something like...


and so on. I would then create a single message including these "placeholders" and send to all lists and it would replace as appropriate.

I understand that a subscriber would only get a single message even if subscribed to multiple lists, but that's very unlikely.

Can phpList do something like this?


Re: Same message to multiple lists with minor variations

PostPosted: 11:05pm, Thu 16 Jan, 2014
by danwaterloo
phplist is setup to substitute user attributes, not 'list' attributes.

one way to do what you describe is to setup user ATTRIBUTES of "URL", "PHONE", and "LOGO" (these are setup as global attributes within the database/config file).

You could then import the users into the various lists, and then populate the URL, PHONE, and LOGO fields directly in the database, specifying values that should be used if the user is on a given list.

At that point, you could send the 'generic' email, and it will be 'personalized' with the various URL, PHONE and LOGO placeholders for each user.