Scheduling mailings business hours?

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Scheduling mailings business hours?

Postby bobo » 5:01pm, Wed 11 Dec, 2013

Hello everyone, from a phplist newbie

We have quite a large mailing list 3.8 million

We just want to keep everyone in touch with us, but have had complaints in the past when sending our newsletter, due to the size of our list, some users will get their emails at 3am when they are sleeping (their cell phones will beep)

so... can phplist even handle our userbase?

can phplist be configured only to send emails during business hours?
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Re: Scheduling mailings business hours?

Postby Dragonrider » 5:21pm, Wed 11 Dec, 2013

I'll leave the numbers issue to someone who has more experience with mega-large mailing lists, but as for restricting mails to business hours, where would be my first question. Then how long does it take to send your list out normally?

I have occasion to email to Canada and the States, their business hours are just starting as I'm sitting down to my evening meal, so when are the business hours?
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Re: Scheduling mailings business hours?

Postby bobo » 9:25pm, Wed 11 Dec, 2013

Well I'd like to setup the mailouts to happen between 8AM and 430PM MST

As far as the size of the list and the regular length it takes, this is our first time using phplist for this. Our previous software was able to do the mail out of this size in 1 month (without time restrictions) and 3 months with time restrictions.

The issues with the other software are the reason we are attempting phplist
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Re: Scheduling mailings business hours?

Postby duncanc » 1:32pm, Thu 12 Dec, 2013

You can control the timing of phplist sending emails by using a cron job to limit the time range, and using batch processing so that phplist does not send all emails in one long run.

For example the cron job could run the processqueue command every 10 minutes between 08:00 and 16:30, and the batch size is set to the number of emails that phplist can send in 10 minutes.
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Re: Scheduling mailings business hours?

Postby danwaterloo » 2:44am, Mon 16 Dec, 2013

setting up a cron job to run at specific times (and not run at other times) is the simplest way to do this (the cron job will process the queue, from the command line). the documentation will show you how to do this.
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