Can I print labels with subscribers data?

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Can I print labels with subscribers data?

Postby miniportal » 4:19pm, Tue 07 Jan, 2014

I wish I could print labels with the data of subscribers to send letters by mail.

It would also be interesting if I could, instead of sending emails, print the contents of letters.

Is it possible?
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Re: Can I print labels with subscribers data?

Postby Dragonrider » 9:15pm, Tue 07 Jan, 2014

Any particular reason for this request? I ask because as a rule, an electronic newsletter is normally sent electronically and you'd be the first person to ask for an actual mail address for sending same.

Sort of defeats the whole idea behind an electronically sent email campaign??

If it's something you really want, then I guess it would be a case of exporting the values you want into a csv file to use with your letter writing application, MS Word or such like and importing the csv file via the mailing option in eg: MS Word.
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Re: Can I print labels with subscribers data?

Postby danwaterloo » 6:40pm, Thu 09 Jan, 2014

Dragonrider is right, if the data is in the database, you can export to a file and mail letters. That's actually how I got into sending emails, I have mailed postal mail for decades, and am now also sending emails.

You would need to set up additional attributes to hold the postal address information in the phplist database. It isn't there by default.
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