Can I send a mail to only one address ?

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Can I send a mail to only one address ?

Postby PanBagnat » 2:23pm, Wed 26 Mar, 2014


I would like to send an email only to one person, for example .
For having all statistics on this email (clicks...) I need to send it like a campain.

How can I do it, as CRITERIA have only extra-fields, and not emails ?

Thanks, regards.
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Re: Can I send a mail to only one address ?

Postby Dragonrider » 3:00pm, Wed 26 Mar, 2014

Simply either send as a test message to this person's address, just as you would do so when sending a test message to your own address to check the layout is correct, or add this person to a new list as the only subscriber, and send your message via a campaign selecting this single user list.

You may wish to remove this single subscriber list afterwards, up to you.
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