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Connecting phplist to another database, better workflow

PostPosted: 8:39pm, Mon 31 Mar, 2014
by javismiles
I have a webapp where users register and when they register they indicate if they want to opt in to newsletter or not. But they can enable or disable that option anytime later as well.

So i would like that phplist read directly the subscribers from my table in my other database. Now i read this

"1. By itself, phplist cannot read straight out of another database to import records and send emails. The way I do this with a customer is export their emails from another database, and then import into the phplist system. There are many checks that happen during the import, i.e. check the email address, look to see if it exists in the system already, subscribe it to a list, create or update records in the various tables (the main contact table is 'phplist_user_user'). "

I am surprised. I imagine a lot of people are in my position. If i export and upload subscribers to phplist separately. Then if one of my subscribers changes the newsletter option in my system, what am i supposed to do, re-export and re-import and detect that each time, that's not sustainable.
Isn't there a way to integrate both?

and if not, is there any other open source software that can do this?
It sounds not feasible having to export and reimport all the time subscribers

thank you for your help