users in more than one list

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users in more than one list

Postby exle » 8:55am, Wed 23 Apr, 2014

Hi friends

A) I have a CSV-file containing 1500 subscribers, each belonging to one ore more newsletters:

membership, name, phone, e-mail
list a : list_b: list_c; Harry Miller;
list b;Francois Nexus;
list a:list_c;Robert Redford;

Is there a HowTo, which shows, how to solve that challange. I tried a lot until now, but with searching and moving i was rather successless...

B) In Europe we ue mutual vovels ÄÖÜß ..... where can I change the char-set. I found some older hints, but all referring to older php-list versions. I´, using 3.0.6

C) which grafical editor is best to implement and where can I find an actual description.

Thanks a lot
(and greetings from Austria)
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Re: users in more than one list

Postby duncanc » 6:45pm, Wed 23 Apr, 2014

For A) you will need to import several files, each file containing subscribers who belong to the same list or to the same set of lists (such as list a and list b).

For B), phplist now uses utf-8 so you will need to convert your file to that encoding.

For C), CKEditor is probably the best editor. See for that and other plugins.
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