Using another registration method

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Using another registration method

Postby BFriend » 7:01am, Tue 03 Jun, 2014

I am using ChronoForms with Joomla and I am trying to use that to sign up for the mailing list. I have literally everything working together, EXCEPT, the actual confirmation page. I downloaded a plugin for ChronoForms to assign each person a uniqid, same as PHPList does. But apparently, it still isn't working.
When I register a user I have an email sent (through CF) that gives a link to click on, same as PHPList. The link is exactly like the PHPList's link
I also counted that all PHPList uniqid's are 32 characters, so I made MY uniqid 32 characters. it still isn't working. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!
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