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Cron job to export CSV

PostPosted: 4:55am, Tue 17 Jun, 2014
by bhotrock
Is there any way to create a cron job to export a CSV file?

I'm using phpList 3.0.6 and would like to have a CSV file that includes subscribers from any date, with several attributes including which lists the users are subscribed to.

An alternative is to export the CSV file upon the creation or modification of any user. Basically, I need to keep a CSV file updated with the current user data from phpList.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: Cron job to export CSV

PostPosted: 2:21pm, Sat 12 Jul, 2014
by danwaterloo
phplist doesn't do this directly, but you could write a short sql (database commands) that does this, and setup a cron job to run it periodically.