Admin privileges and restrictions.

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Admin privileges and restrictions.

Postby Coppergreen » 7:19am, Thu 26 Jun, 2014

I'm sorry if I'm asking something that's probably been clarified in previous posts, but I need to be sure about it. I've just installed phplist v. 3.0.6, and I need to know if the only way to set up Admin privileges so they can't modify each other's list.

I have the need to set up different Admins who'll have the right to add users to different lists, but I'd want to have them, and the list they create, not interacting. And I can't just tell them not to use each other's list, because chances are that they will end up share many users, since their target could be near the same.
I tried to experiment with Admin privileges, and I discovered that a restricted Admin (one that can only send mail and view stats, to be clear), can create lists, and when it comes to sending lists phpList gives him/her the option of sending to ALL the active list or to all lists, as well as the list the restricted admin created.
I wanted the restricted Admin to be restricted in a way they could only send campaigns to some lists, and the Admin with all privileges to be able to change only the list they created, but I wasn't able to find a way to do this, neither a plugin that restricts privileges in that way.
Navigating in the forum I found this topic: which makes me highly suspect that I can't actually do what I want with phplist; in that topic there's a link to this section from the old version of the manual: and I'd like to know if someone has ever tried this in the new version of phplist, since I've just installed it and I'm not very confident about making lots of changes to the config.php file :oops: .
Thanks for your time, :)

: I had another request, which makes me think that there's no way I can develop a solution with phpList, but I'd like to hear other voices about it: As I told before, Admins could be able to send campaign only to their lists, but the address book from which they draw users to their respective list should be shared, so that any change to one user will be reflected on all lists. Therefore multiple DBs won't work for my need. Now I'm thinking... is it possible to make "invisible" a list to those Admin (with all privileges, I mean) that don't own it? This way I could use just one instance of phpList, one DB, and I would not fear that clueless Admins could be able to spam people not interested in their newsletter..
I'd really appreciate to know opinions by skilled users of phpList :o (even if the opinion is that I've chosen the wrong mass-mailer :cry: )
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Re: Admin privileges and restrictions.

Postby danwaterloo » 11:46am, Thu 26 Jun, 2014

It appears that your understanding of phpList is correct... the 'fine grained' permissions is not implemented in the current version.

as a practical approach, to separate my users, I use multiple domain names, and the multiple config files. That way no one gets to see any one else's emails/lists etc. The domain name changes the config file, per the instructions written for version 2 of phplist (actually, it's a script that uses standard unix commands).
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Re: Admin privileges and restrictions.

Postby Coppergreen » 7:52am, Thu 03 Jul, 2014

Thanks for your reply!
In the end, the chosen solution was to divide each list by categories, so that each admin will choose only the category he/she needs and be able to see only those lists. Personally, I feel this choice as a weak solution, but, that's it, we'll see how it works out.
Thanks again :)
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Re: Admin privileges and restrictions.

Postby fbswebadmin » 10:24am, Tue 14 Oct, 2014

Is there any plan to implement the fine-grained access privileges in v3? Whyever was it removed?
We use phpList to run our Scout group's mailing list. I have just moved us across from v2, where each section - cubs, scouts etc - could see and manage just their own list of members. The admin user could move members between lists as they grew older and changed section.
In v3 you either see just your own lists but cannot manage them, or you can see everyone's list, which gives us issues from a child safeguarding perspective.
I am kinda stumped by the lack of fine-grained control and might have to look at other solutions as a result, which would be a real shame, as we've invested a lot of time and effort into setting up and learning phpList.

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Re: Admin privileges and restrictions.

Postby OldManRiver » 5:31pm, Mon 03 Nov, 2014


I need this also ASAP! Yes why was it removed? We are supposed to be adding features and capabilities not taking them away!


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