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Spam Tracking

PostPosted: 8:50pm, Thu 31 Jul, 2014
by paradox34690

phpList noob here, so please be gentle..

The company I work for has decided to take on newsletter mailings directly, as opposed to a hosted solution. We tried Constant Contact for a month, but my boss decided he didn't want to deal with them anymore and elected me to find an alternative.... I stumbled upon phpList, found the installation to be (somewhat) straight-forward, and integrated it to our companies website.

We've sent a few test campaigns to test out a few scenarios (forwarding, bad email addresses, clicks, etc), and are satisfied with it as a bulk mailing solution so far except for one thing, which I'm sure there's an answer to that I haven't found yet:

How does phpList handle messages that users/ISP's mark as spam?

One of the things we noticed while checking out ConstantContact was that if a user marks a message they receive as 'spam', then that user is automatically removed from the subscription lists. Does phpList do/have similar functionality, or is there a plugin which can handle this?


Re: Spam Tracking

PostPosted: 7:27am, Fri 01 Aug, 2014
by duncanc
phplist doesn't support that type of feedback.

A few months ago there was a suggestion to develop a plugin for that, see, so you might want to follow-up with the forum user aspersica to see if he has worked on that.

Re: Spam Tracking

PostPosted: 12:54pm, Fri 01 Aug, 2014
by paradox34690
Thanks for the suggestion! Checking it out now.