Support for Large subscriber base still growing

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Support for Large subscriber base still growing

Postby geoant59 » 6:18pm, Tue 26 Aug, 2014

we have a database of 50.000 emails from our customers, still growing. Currently we do not sent a newsletter but we decided to sent an informational one once a month. What is the limit of subscribers a certain list can have ? (we expect them to grow larger than 100k).
Also will a normal apache server be able to handle this task? The newsletter will be sent mostly monthly).

thanks in advance.
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Re: Support for Large subscriber base still growing

Postby danwaterloo » 6:55pm, Sun 31 Aug, 2014

phpList can certainly do this, you'll want to install it, and run the queue and the bounce processing via a cronjob.

I'd also suggest a 'slow and steady' send... i.e. about 1000 per hour, and it will take about 4 days to to 100k messages. This is due to rate limiting by companies like AOL, hotmail, etc.

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Re: Support for Large subscriber base still growing

Postby Nym » 10:24pm, Sun 08 Feb, 2015

Do you have to configure phplist with a proper smtp server for that?
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Re: Support for Large subscriber base still growing

Postby Heritage » 6:14am, Mon 09 Feb, 2015

Most hosting accounts will do. You might want to make sure you stay under 400 per hour if you have a low end hosting. Otherwise some hosts start bouncing after 500 emails per hour.

If you need more than 500 per hour you should ask what your hosting limits are. For your size of subscribers going through the config and setting the per hour limitations will allow you not to hit your current standard type of SMTP service too hard.

Most MTA servers can handle the load you are speaking of.
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