phpList for Calendar Alerts

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phpList for Calendar Alerts

Postby Rottenbind » 5:42am, Mon 29 Sep, 2014

I have an application that I’m working on where I am displaying lots and lots of events from a Google Calendar on my website using Fullcalendar. I want website visitors to be able to click on an event and have the ability to sign up for email reminder alerts. Some of the events also repeat weekly, so there should be options to allow the users to sign up to be reminded weekly as well.

Is this something that phpList can be used for? My first thought was to set up a mailing list for each event and then simply allow users to sign up and receive notifications that would be pre-scheduled. But this would very quickly become unmanageable because of the quantity of events. We are talking about one event every half-hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for an arbitrary amount of time. Purging out old mailing lists and creating new ones as events get added would be a huge amount of work.

It would be great to be able to have one mailing list that gets sent out every day to only those recipients who have alerts scheduled for that day, where the contents of the message differs from person to person based on what event and time was chosen to be displayed as a reminder. Doing things this way would require the recipients to be selected by a SQL select query rather than a fixed list. Also, the message contents would need to be altered in a “mail-merge” sort of way. I’m pretty sure (but not certain) that phpList can’t do this, at least without a lot of customization. Is there an easier way that I am overlooking? Maybe phpList is not the right tool for this...


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Re: phpList for Calendar Alerts

Postby lestraw » 8:08pm, Tue 30 Sep, 2014

This mode of operation you need, is excellent.

But there is another kind of technology you need.

By the way you use to manage your page:

* Wordpress
* Joomla
* Dropal

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