can i use the delivered "phplist.php" as an API ?

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can i use the delivered "phplist.php" as an API ?

Postby amed » 3:41pm, Mon 13 Oct, 2014

Hi ,

I tried searching for this but could not find any useful link.

In version 2. I used phplist.php API provided by ravis( viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5009) to manage subscribers such as adding and removing subscribers to a list.

This API does not seem compatible with version 3. I searched the web and there is only RestAPI which based on the documentation does not provide what I need.

Can I use the delivered - standard class called phplist.php located in public_html folder as an API ? there are some interesting functions like
Code: Select all
"addUserToList" ,   " removeUserFromList  "  , "addEmail" , "addEmailToList" and "removeEmailFromList"
that I can use .

Have anyone tried it out ?

I did but have issue with vague error message such as "invalid request"

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