Unsubscribe should not blacklist

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Unsubscribe should not blacklist

Postby zane86 » 7:12am, Tue 21 Oct, 2014

Hello all.
I have lots of lists in my PHPlist installation. And many users are on several lists.

When a user clicks on Unsubscribe, they are blacklisted from the whole system. I just want them to be removed from the specific list, and not totally blacklisted.

Is this possible?

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Re: Unsubscribe should not blacklist

Postby danwaterloo » 11:56am, Wed 29 Oct, 2014

No, the only way to 'unsubscribe' from one list of multiple lists is by the user changing their preferences, and deselecting the list.

When they click on the 'unsubscribe' link, they are globally unsubscribed from your system.
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