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Server Not Found Messages

PostPosted: 6:46pm, Sat 25 Oct, 2014
by SteveK
I'm using phpLists version 3.0.6. Each time I complete an action, i.e. pressing save after moving a subscriber from one list to another or logging out of phpList, I get a "Problem Loading Page" error and I'm taken to a Server Not Found page. Although it seems that the action was completed correctly since the information I entered was saved, and I was logged off. I've attached an image of the screen. Hope it's legible.
Server Not Found Message.jpg
Error message
Server Not Found Message.jpg (52.71 KiB) Viewed 2437 times

Re: Server Not Found Messages

PostPosted: 12:29am, Sun 26 Oct, 2014
by Joebob1
How did you install?

Is this a new issue on a production systems that WAS working normally?

Re: Server Not Found Messages

PostPosted: 3:42pm, Sun 26 Oct, 2014
by SteveK
phpList was provided on my host server in the Software Service area under QuickInstall. I merely installed it from there.

It is a production system that has been working for 6 months, although I just installed phpList on 10/23/2014 and this behavior has been happening since the install.