Extract RFC822 abuse email adresses

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Extract RFC822 abuse email adresses

Postby deajan » 3:01pm, Tue 04 Nov, 2014


In order to finish my documentation about bounce processing, i'm trying to handle all the RFC822 abuse emails that Hotmail and Yahoo sends back automatically.

As for now, i receive abuse complaints with with the original sent email as an attachment.
In order to process them, i'm using OutlookAttachView (www.nirsoft.net) to extract the attachments as single msg files.
Those files then get processed by AtomicEmailLogger to extract the emails in to a text file which i can then copy / paste to the mass unsubscribe form in phplist.

Two questions:
- I'm trying to keep all this freeware, does anyone know about a good and free email extractor program that gets emails out of eml files ?
- Does anyone have a better solution than all this above ?

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