subscriber editing attribute values

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subscriber editing attribute values

Postby kenax » 11:38pm, Wed 19 Nov, 2014

Hi, I'm happy to pay someone to help me with this.
There are two problems I cannot solve.

I have a list for a service to which translators can send their CVs when applying to translation agencies.
I have created attributes whereby the recipients (the translation agencies receiving the CVs) can specify which languages (source/from and target/to) they are interested in receiving. Such as applications only from Polish or Czech to English translators.

Problem 1) What if they want to change any of these details at a later point? The PREFERENCESURL link only allows them to change their email address and a few very basic things, even if I mark other attributes as mandatory. How can I allow the recipients to change other attributes in their account?

For the Source and Target language attributes (languages they translate from and into), I included one language in this checkboxlist which I called Any and which I set to default, but this default does not seem to work, nor can I set these attributes as mandatory.

Otherwise, if I set some languages I find that the Criteria/Segment feature works (had to install a plugin), meaning that if one recipient unselects the supposed default Any and only wants to receive applicants who can translate in certain language combinations, it works, but the two problems above do not.

I am using the latest version 3.0.10 and I installed the Segment plugin for the criteria purposes mentioned above.

Thank you.
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