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Sending mass mail from alternate server

PostPosted: 5:32am, Fri 21 Nov, 2014
by BlueSpaces

We have two servers. ServerA is our main email and webserver, ServerB is a secondary server that also has a mail server installed, and phplist,

I would like to send a mass mail from ServerB, and I want it to process bounces, but I want customer replies to the mass mail to come to our inbox on ServerA.

How should I set this up?


Re: Sending mass mail from alternate server

PostPosted: 8:35pm, Sat 22 Nov, 2014
by Cornwell
Your config file will set where the bounces go, look at the settings under
Settings for handling bounces
Replies will go to the "From" address as specified when you send the campaign. You can put the name it comes from before the email address, e.g.
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Re: Sending mass mail from alternate server

PostPosted: 8:22am, Sun 23 Nov, 2014
by BlueSpaces

Now I guess my related question is, if I send an email from but I have in the FROM or REPLY-TO header, does that have more of a chance of being flagged as spam?

I read that having a different domain there would get it flagged as spam more often, but maybe a different subdomain is ok?


Re: Sending mass mail from alternate server

PostPosted: 10:18am, Fri 02 Jan, 2015
by Aliraza08
I'll openh my own thread if it is better, but this is closely related.

I have students that get added to a List for updates. I send a "Thank You" message as a campaign to them. Next month there is another bunch of students (maybe 30) to be added to the list, and I want to send the same Thank You to them -testking 1z0-058 exam but NOT to the ones who have already received it.

The same would apply in future updates - sending to those on the list currently, and potentially again to those who get added later so they get the info - but NOT to those who have already received.

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Re: Sending mass mail from alternate server

PostPosted: 12:40pm, Fri 02 Jan, 2015
by Cornwell
This would have been better in a separate thread, IMHO :)

However... just requeue the original thank-you message and then process the queue. It's a basic feature of phpList that once somebody has received a message they will not get it a second time. It's important therefore that you do not copy your thank-you message as a new campaign, but send the original (with the same number) again.