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Multiple questions.

PostPosted: 4:55am, Mon 01 Dec, 2014
by nachobacon
I did attempt to search for answers to these but: "Sorry but you are not permitted to use the search system." :|

*) Can I let admin_a use/edit admin_b's subscriber list?
*) Can I have multiple [content] fields in a template? (If not what is the point of "templates"?)
*) Can I let subscribers view the campaign online? (eg. if you're having trouble viewing this email click here...)
*) Can I make the editor resizeable?

Re: Multiple questions.

PostPosted: 9:24am, Mon 01 Dec, 2014
by Dragonrider
You can't use search until your first post has been approved (Anti-Spam issue).

Only if admin_a is a SuperAdmin

No, not in version 3, there was a user modification for version 2 that gave multiple content, but AFAIK this does not work in version 3.
The reason for having templates is so that you can have an identical format to your campaigns where just one section changes from campaign to campaign.

To view the campaign in a browser, add the viewinbrowserplugin.

Yes, look in the admin pages for Settings, then find the Editor you are using and adjust the height and width under the composition settings section

Re: Multiple questions.

PostPosted: 3:48am, Tue 02 Dec, 2014
by nachobacon
Hi Dragonrider, thank you for your reply.