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Assign email addresses to list of services?

PostPosted: 1:52am, Fri 12 Dec, 2014
by abalto
We run a business that provides say 12 different services to each client. We generally only have one email address per client. I know that we could create 12 lists and subscribe customers to each list that they receive services from us. What we would like to do is just subscribe one address to one list and then mark if customers are receiving certain services from us. This would be good for we could send emails to them pertaining to a service they are recieving from us, or we could run a query and send am email to existing customers that say are not receiving a certain service from us to market to them. See, we could use it both ways. Is this possible with PHPLIST? Does my description make sense?

If not, is there any modules or plug ins that would add this functionality.

if not, can anyone recommend a platform that would work for us?

Re: Assign email addresses to list of services?

PostPosted: 11:12am, Fri 12 Dec, 2014
by duncanc
The alternative to having 12 lists is to create 12 user attributes. They would probably be check-box attributes, one for each service, or a check-box group. You might need to experiment a bit to find which is more convenient.

The Segment plugin then allows you to select subscribers based on whether they receive or do not receive a service,. See for the plugin.