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Username/Nickname/Firstname in Userpage

PostPosted: 11:59am, Sat 13 Dec, 2014
by blueshack
Hi (phplist 3.0.6)
I use a attribute, let's say 'Fullname' and it is required.
Is it possible to show this attribute on Adminsite ?page=users maybe also for sorting this?

I would like to import subscribers from different database and want identify a user not only with his eMail but also with his fullname.

Is there a hack somewere out there?

Thank you,

Re: Username/Nickname/Firstname in Userpage

PostPosted: 3:33pm, Sat 13 Dec, 2014
by duncanc
The Subscribers plugin lets you select attributes to be included in the listing of subscribers. See for the available plugins.

There is no way of matching subscribers on email address and an attribute value when importing.

Re: Username/Nickname/Firstname in Userpage

PostPosted: 8:26am, Fri 19 Dec, 2014
by blueshack
Thank you duncanc

I've tried it, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for.
I think, I will make a page special for that purpose.

Is there a howto to show the best way to hook oder integrate a seperate page?

the programming and DB accecc is no problem.

thank you,