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Import CSV: How I can reject new emails that already exist?

PostPosted: 2:04pm, Tue 23 Dec, 2014
by cloverpark
I have 2 lists: "presales-list" and "clients-list". A user can be in either list but not both.

Hence, if a user is already assigned to "presales-list", I want to know that fact while importing the user email into "clients-list" so that I can remove that user from "presales-list".

I unchecked "Overwrite Existing" and checked "Showing warning" but emails still get imported into a list even if it exists in another list and there's no warning.

How can I solve my problem? Thank you very much.

Re: Import CSV: How I can reject new emails that already exi

PostPosted: 8:57am, Wed 24 Dec, 2014
by duncanc
I think that your requirement is very specific - a subscriber being on one list and not on another. The "overwrite existing" applies to a subscriber already being in the database regardless of which lists he belongs to.

The "list exclude" feature might help you. When you send a campaign to the pre-sales list you can specify that it not be sent to any subscribers who also belong to the client list. In this way a client would not receive any pre-sales campaigns when he belongs to both lists.

Otherwise you probably will have to manage this outside of phplist.