Placeholder for subscriber ID (not UID) ?

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Placeholder for subscriber ID (not UID) ?

Postby RoyP » 1:33pm, Tue 27 Jan, 2015

Does a placeholder exist for the short subscriber ID (which increments by 1 for each new subscriber)? I know I can use [USERID] to get the long Unique ID, and [ID] for the campaign number.


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Re: Placeholder for subscriber ID (not UID) ?

Postby duncanc » 12:07pm, Sun 01 Feb, 2015

A placeholder for the subscriber id does not exist. But you would need to be careful about using the id, because its values are predictable. So someone whose id is, say 178, can reasonably assume that ids 1 - 177 exist. So whatever you are using the id for is likely not going to be secure.
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