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Two level approval

PostPosted: 12:00pm, Sat 21 Feb, 2015
by kentcoast
Hi folks
Brand new PHPList user here looking to replace an old listserv

Just installed 3.0.12

I need a workflow where a number of admins can create campaigns and manage the user list but only the super admin can approve and send

Can I do this?

Re: Two level approval

PostPosted: 4:57pm, Sun 22 Feb, 2015
by danwaterloo
Hi Kent,

The 'super admin' can allow or disallow the following for each regular admin:

Manage subscribers
Send campaigns
View statistics
Change settings

So that answer is 'no, not currently'... you can only allow the regular admins to 'create and send campaigns', or NOT 'create and send'...

Re: Two level approval

PostPosted: 12:28pm, Mon 23 Feb, 2015
by kentcoast
That's a shame...

I'll have to keep looking for a solution.

Might be worth a feature request for a future version, I can't believe that this is a unique workflow.

The users here are a non-profit group that need to have an approval process on their campaigns - a situation where all members of the committee can create emails but only a limited number can process the queue.

Got to say that phplist looks awesome - it does so many things I want so well, it's a shame that there's no room for movement on this requirement.