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Email options

PostPosted: 10:32pm, Sun 01 Mar, 2015
by musicweb
Does phplist send only one email to one person if selected? Is there a plugin or hack for this?

Re: Email options

PostPosted: 8:52am, Mon 02 Mar, 2015
by Dragonrider
Do you mean that you want to be able to send one message to one person as a one off?

If so you could simply send a Test message to that one user by typing in their email in to the test message box at the bottom of the campaign pages.

Note that by default phpList will send a TEXT and a HTML message to any email address used in the send a test message but if you change the following define to 1 to send just one test email that matches the format of the user.

Code: Select all
# test emails
# if you send a test email, phplist will by default send you two emails, one in HTML format
# and the other in Text format. If you set this to 1, you can override this behaviour
# and only have a test email sent to you that matches the user record of the user that the
# test emails are sent to

If you are using the default lists/config/config.php file, you'll need to add the above code to the end of your config.php file. (It's stored in the lists/config/config_extended.php file along many more options available.

Re: Email options

PostPosted: 11:22am, Mon 02 Mar, 2015
by musicweb
The test email would probably work for now, but would also like to be able to choose from several pre-defined templates in different languages to send to one person. Such as re-sending a welcome letter, etc.

Re: Email options

PostPosted: 5:53pm, Mon 02 Mar, 2015
by duncanc
The Segment plugin will let you send a campaign to an individual email address. The Autoresponder plugin will let you send a campaign to people based on the time elapsed since they subscribed.

See for a list of all plugins.

Re: Email options

PostPosted: 6:16pm, Mon 02 Mar, 2015
by Dragonrider
Thank you Duncan and a big thanks to you for writing both of these plugins!

Re: Email options

PostPosted: 9:28pm, Mon 02 Mar, 2015
by musicweb
Thanks Duncan.... I'll check it out....