Advanced customization shipping different for each list

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Advanced customization shipping different for each list

Postby MaxfromItaly » 11:54pm, Thu 26 Mar, 2015

- 3.0.12 phpversion - browser firefox

Hello everyone
I tried in many parts of the site but I could not get an answer to my question.
Can I configure "phplist" in a way that handles differently sending email for each list? I'm fighting every day with spam, very strict rules and blacklists.
my list 1: send blocks of 100 emails every 5 minutes
my list 2: send no more than 500 emails per hour
my list 3: I should send five emails together and then 10-second pause, then five more emails and so on until the end of the list

From what I understand I can configure these parameters but then apply to the whole system and this causes me problems for the large amount of email that I would like to send.

thanks in advance

(sorry for my poor english)
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Re: Advanced customization shipping different for each list

Postby duncanc » 6:05am, Fri 27 Mar, 2015

phplist doesn't provide that level of control. You will probably have to choose the slowest configuration, which looks to be 500/hour.
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