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Multilingual newsletter with phpList

PostPosted: 1:57pm, Fri 17 Apr, 2015
by hauke
Hi everybody,

iam interest in phpList, but have a bit difficult scenario. So here are my questions for "Does phpList do this?". ;-)

1. Can i create multilingual newsletter with phpList?
So i like to have set language for every subcriber, have one newsletter and every subcriber get the newsletter in his/her language.

2. Can i create different subject lines?
So I like to persanized the subject line too by language.

3. Can i have different senders?
So every newsletter is not send by (for example Every customer get the newsletter with sender is his/her contacts.

Hope someone can answer me, have some helpful information or urls.

I know its a bit tricky. ;-)

Best regard

Re: Multilingual newsletter with phpList

PostPosted: 6:41am, Sat 18 Apr, 2015
by duncanc
phplist doesn't do any of these. You would need to create separate campaigns, one in each language, and send each one to a subset of subscribers.