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Google Analytics Integration

Postby eliot » 10:57am, Sun 05 Apr, 2009

I would like the ability to tag the Google Analytics link tracking code onto the end of all URL's in an email.

Example: The message author writes a message which includes links to various pages on their website on which they have the Google traking code installed.

PHPList updates all of these links and appends the ?utm_campaign=CAMPAIGNNAME&utm_medium=EMAIL&utm_source=PHPLIST

I would be happy to work on this if someone could let me know if which file the links in the messages are formed.
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Re: Google Analytics Integration

Postby Keith Jordan » 8:30pm, Thu 07 May, 2009

I just add my own code so my Google Analytics can pick up on it. I like to go into content drilldown and see who entered my competition from a link in my newsletter for example. The competition is at so I just use a link like to track clicks for my May 2009 competition as opposed to people who find the link via navigating the site.

Would that work in your case?
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Re: Google Analytics Integration

Postby lestraw » 11:40am, Sun 26 Jul, 2009

This idea of google analitycs not recommend it, this can cause you to fall into the black list of ISPs that confirms the signatures of emails with DomainKeys and SPF.

They say this because the confirmation will come when allocating a script in javascript.

And this fact googleanalitys javascript

Thus, the reputation of you will be ugly for a picture
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Re: Google Analytics Integration

Postby mrmckoy » 10:12am, Tue 11 Dec, 2012

It would be nice to have Google analytics tracking added. At least as an option. Sure some folks may not use it becuase of technical reasons for large volume users. But most users don't have very large lists. Also its common for online open source apps to have 3rd party analytics options. It'd be much faster than the beta tested options built into phplist list already...those are hella server processor intensive.

My last reason I think this plugin should be built into the standard installation is Analytics helps Google understand the importance and placement of the site. I use many Google APIs and they totally help me in my ranking and authority on certain search terms.

It's kinda awesome.
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Re: Google Analytics Integration

Postby leelondon » 9:45am, Sun 05 May, 2013

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