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OpenCart integration?

PostPosted: 8:52am, Tue 02 Feb, 2010
by deeve
Is anyone working on integrating OpenCart with phpList?
NB: when I say integrate, I don't just mean extracting the email addresses from the OC db, I'm looking to be able to send out emails which can feature a selection of my site's latest products within an HTML message..

Any ideas?

Re: OpenCart integration?

PostPosted: 5:51am, Mon 22 Apr, 2013
by aanyad

I run a WordPress site and also run an OpenCart store. The problem is, the users that registered with OpenCart will have to register again for my WordPress site.

Is there a way to let my Opencart users log in to the WordPress site with their already created account?

Maybe importing WordPress users from Opencart users CSV file? Plugin?
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Re: OpenCart integration?

PostPosted: 6:06am, Mon 22 Apr, 2013
by Dragonrider
I'm sorry but this question should have more of a chance of being answered on either a wordpress forum or opencart forum. phpList does not support Opencart.