Reply-To, $mail->AddReplyTo()

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Reply-To, $mail->AddReplyTo()

Postby davidhernandez » 8:33pm, Mon 12 Apr, 2010


The phpmailer class and the phplist database have support for a Reply-To address that is different from the From address, but there appears to be no support in the interface for that. Did I miss it? I had to manually add a line in sendemaillib.php (> $mail->AddReplyTo();) to achieve this. Is there a reason this wouldn't be part of the web interface?

Thanks in advance for any info.
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Re: Reply-To, $mail->AddReplyTo()

Postby lecden » 10:32am, Wed 07 Dec, 2011

I also needed the AddReplyTo fonction to enhance the spam filtering.
I added in the file \admin\class.phplistmailer.php
after the line 116 ($this->Subject = $subject;)
the new line :
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$this->AddReplyTo($GLOBALS["reply_to_addr"], $GLOBALS["reply_to_name"]);

AND in the file \config.php, the new lines :
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# reply-to addr
$reply_to_addr = '';

# reply-to name
$reply_to_name = 'My Company Name';

It would be great to add this function in the future version...
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