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Suggestion about subscribe page

Postby storein » 5:13am, Sun 13 Feb, 2011

The phplist is a great mail list software.

But I found that it is difficult to design the subscribe page.
Because all pages code are in "index.php" file.
If you want to replace the subscribe page, the unsubscribe page needs to be updated too. And some related messages pages need to be updated.
So you need to change "index.php" and "admin/subscribelib2.php" file.
From my understanding, I think the UI and implementation is not separated.

So I suggest to separate the UI and implementation code.
Use some separate pages for subscribe and unsubscribe page and other message pages. Then it will be very easy for the user to design them without code change.
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Re: Suggestion about subscribe page

Postby eazeegeek » 3:55am, Thu 17 Feb, 2011

I hope you have read the following two links:


Designing a custom subscribe page is not really that difficult and you are not required to make changes in the code itself.

Besides, if you do so, upgrades will become more difficult to manage.
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