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Process Queue Information(?)

PostPosted: 8:33pm, Wed 15 Jun, 2011
by jimbrooking
I'm definitely not an experienced phplist user, but have managed to configure it and have sent out a few "campaigns".

A few comments and suggestions:
  • Our messages are information-type messages, and not campaigns. The word is confusing enough that clicking the "start campaign" (or whatever it is) button is a courageous act of faith the first time; less courageous but still an act of faith thereafter.
  • When one clicks "Process Queue" the page stops providing any useful information at all: what's it doing, when did it start, how much longer will it take, how many copies of the message have been sent successfully, unsuccessful attempts, total in the batch, and what'll happen after I finish this batch, and when? are what I consider useful information. Updates, say every few seconds would be nice.
  • Date-time stamps on every message would help to judge progress or lack thereof.

Thank you.