Accessible and responsive web desing (public)

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Accessible and responsive web desing (public)

Postby shnoulle » 3:50pm, Tue 26 Jun, 2012

Hello all,

I think a web-site to have a "modern-style" hae to be accessible and responsive. It make easy to adapt web site for all usage.

Actually, it's easy to take some "HTML collection" and make a web site accessible and responsive. But phpList have some restriction.
- Restriction for accessibilty : no label for
- Restriction for responsive : table more HTML.

I already make some hacking on phpList 2.10.18, it's not very difficult, but it change all actual installation and can be a problem for a lot of user. I use getskeleton base ( for HTML and a lot af extra class for line, input, label etc ....
I can make patch for SVN version, just take some time, but i don't want to work on a good patch if there are 0 chance to have a changment like that ;). ( personnal hacking is easy than FreeSoftware contribution).

Then: my question:
- Does the phpList team (and Michiel) are interested for this kind of patche and modification?
- How can i propose a big patch ?
- Some advice to make this kinf of patch ( for example : yes, it's intersting, but need optional settings to keep old HTML).

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