Redesign Subscribe Pages for Mobile Web Sites

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Redesign Subscribe Pages for Mobile Web Sites

Postby mikeschumann » 7:30pm, Thu 06 Dec, 2012

I am struggling with incorporating a phpList subscribe page in my mobile web site. I have concluded that the only good way to do this is to embed the phpList subscribe page in an iframe on one of my website pages, so that the user doesn't end up leaving my site if he runs into an error during the subscription process or gets a success msg at the end of the process.

Unfortunately, the way the subscribe pages (and the success page) are laid out, they are too wide to fit in a typical website that is viewable on an ***SPAM***. In addition, the subscribe page code needs a lot more class identifiers so that we can have significantly more control over the appearance of the various elements using css pages. Note: The subscribe page should let us define custom CSS for the page).

This is a really BIG deal given the explosion of mobile apps, and should be a top priority for future enhancements.
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