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[REQUEST] Please Remove "title" attribute on anchors ...

PostPosted: 12:32pm, Fri 07 Jun, 2013
by Sven2157
Hello everyone!

I just upgraded from the Stable 2.10 to the Developer 2.11. I have a question and request:

Is it really necessary EVERY TIME I hover over a clearly worded link, to have a very obnoxious, white box, pop up and tell me in smaller words, THOSE SAME WORDS? More than half the time, they cover the words below.

Can the title="" attribute, please be removed from EVERY anchor reference, and leave them for the img tags?

Other than that, GREAT work! I am really, very impressed!



Re: [REQUEST] Please Remove "title" attribute on anchors ...

PostPosted: 12:03am, Mon 10 Jun, 2013
by michiel
yes, sorry, I can understand that's annoying. I haven't got around to splitting it into a different text yet. I will do that soon.

Any issues like this are best reported in mantis ( as a feature request, or maybe a minor bug. That's a great place to keep all the "still-to-do" stuff in one place.