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Template From Sent.

PostPosted: 3:12pm, Tue 17 Sep, 2013
by findaway
I have a couple of feature requests.

    1.) The Ability to make a campaign template from sent messages.
    We have found that many times we are needing take sent messages that we didn't template to start with and make templates out of them.

    2.) The Ability to delete sent campaigns that we no longer wish to have on record
    Perhaps only available to super administrators

    3.) The Ability to edit or delete a submitted but not processed or inprocess campaign
    Perhaps requiring it to be suspended and then checking to see if it nothing sent yet prior to allowing edit. But still allowing delete if suspended.

    4.) RE: item (3): allowing modification of submitted and inproccess campaigns that have had messages sent or not, but resending to all subscribers when requeued.

Thank you for your consideration