3.0.5: Shouldn’t we have a REAL user "Last Modified" date?

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3.0.5: Shouldn’t we have a REAL user "Last Modified" date?

Postby Moonbase » 1:15pm, Sat 07 Dec, 2013

Often, phpList is used BESIDES an existing customer database, online shop, or whatever. The need arises to sometimes synchronize both, or at least somehow keep them up-to-date.

Now, if we allow users (and admins) to CHANGE user data, we might want to know their "last modified" date & time, in order to possibly decide if it’s newer data that we need to put into our main customer database (like when they change their name, email, or postal address).

I must say I was pretty shocked to find out the "Last modified" date given on the user page only reflects the last list subscription/unsubscription date, NOT any other changes that might have been done (and are duly noted in the user’s history!). There isn’t even a "last modified" field in the user database. Still, the "user detail" screen LOOKS like giving us the date & time of the last change … implying any user data changes.

Not to make a short story too long, I very much wish for (and recommend) introducing a "last changed" field within the user table that reflects the last change, whatever that might have been! (Like we can see in the user’s history but, sadly, not EXPORT to a foreign database!)

Since phpList apparently was designed to sync with "foreign" databases (think of "foreign key"!), I reckon the lack of a real "last changed" field is maybe just an oversight and can—hopefully—easily be integrated.

How do the other "phpListers" feel about this?
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