3.0.5: Allow mixed user import, including "to be blacklisted

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3.0.5: Allow mixed user import, including "to be blacklisted

Postby Moonbase » 1:45pm, Sat 07 Dec, 2013

phpList EXPORTS user lists just fine, including a CSV column called "Is this subscriber blacklisted".

I would very much wish for being able to IMPORT this column, together with all other user data, and have phpList "blacklist" or "unblacklist" users, depending on the content of this field being "1" or "0".

The reason? Not spamming, but PROTECTING. We do have a main customer database in the company, and customers register daily (usually by filling in a paper registration form and signing it, because that’s required by German law in order to be allowed to advertise via snail mail, email, telephone or SMS).

We promise our customers that they can OPT-OUT from any type of advertising (including emails by phpList) by just phoning in, writing a letter, telling our sales people, and of course by unsubscribing/blacklisting with phpList.

Now when we re-import the current customer data into phpList (about every few days), we have NO MEANS of setting the subscriber’s "blacklisted" status and have to do it all manually—quite a chore with about 18,000 customers! [We allow users to change their data online via phpList, like postal address, phone number, etc. Because they can also change their data when buying in the shop, we must update ever so often.]

Our main database knows about the user’s opt-in status for postal, email, phone and SMS/MMS and actually sets the field "Is this subscriber blacklisted" correctly (and respects changes the user made in phpList).

But how to have "blacklisted" set in phpList when bulk importing (updating) the users?

(And NO, we can’t separate into a "whitelist" and a "blacklist" and input all that stuff manually, it SHOULD be in one import. Bad enough that we have to chop up the import csv’s into 1,000-batches because otherwise the import will silently hang forever …)
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