V3 Allow Setting of Message Owner

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V3 Allow Setting of Message Owner

Postby plazma » 12:43pm, Tue 02 Sep, 2014

I would like to request a feature to be added so Campaign (message) ownership can be set at time of creation (send campaign) and also once a Campaign has been sent if logged in as superadmin.

Let me explain I have 2 users

1. superadmin user that I use for creating new Campaign's, overall admin
2. A restricted (to stats only) admin

On version 2 it was possible to do this to provide a login that could do no damage, changes, processing and was only for viewing satistics.

However as of version 3 an admin can only view message stats for messages they own, i understand why this is happening (due to the new permissions) and im able to overcome this by using phpmyadmin to manually adjust the ownership of the campaign so it works.

So im suggesting that when a superadmin creates a new campaign they have the option to change the owner of the campaign.

Additionally there should be also an option (only when superadmin) to be able to edit previous messages and change this ownership.

I understand why it now works in this way (you can only view your own messages) and whilst the change has been made to provide better security, it does mean many people will probably overcome this by providing others a superadmin login just to be able to view stats.

Another way to archive this would be to have an additional option when creating an admin called something along the lines of "Allow to view all statistics", then on the stats pages adjust the code that this user will be treated as a superadmin (view everything) but only on the stats pages. Or alternatively be able to select which other users (stats only) the stats login was able to view.

Ultimately the second way ive detailed would be the best way i think to archive this, however if someone could offer a code modification to add the option to the existing code (using the first way) i would be very grateful as having to do this manually for each message is a bit of a pain.

Or if someone could provide an plugin that would be able to re-assign message ownership this would also be useful until something like this is added as a feature.

Ive already searched and not found anyone with an existing method to archive this, however i have found various places where users have been asking for the same thing.
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