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Access Campaign as Web Page

PostPosted: 9:31pm, Wed 08 Oct, 2014
by petersphilo
Hello all,

It would be great if a campaign created within phplist were also available as a generic web page...

In many mailers now you see a link at the top that says something to the effect of:
'if you cannot view this email properly, click here', and this takes you to a static version of the campaign as a web page..

Is there any way to do this (aside from designing the web page first and then importing it into phplist)?

Thank you!

Re: Access Campaign as Web Page

PostPosted: 6:46am, Thu 09 Oct, 2014
by duncanc
The View in Browser plugin provides exactly this.

On the Manage Plugins page in phplist click the "find plugins" link to go to the plugin documentation page.

Re: Access Campaign as Web Page

PostPosted: 9:30am, Thu 09 Oct, 2014
by petersphilo
Thank you so much, that helps a lot!
I wonder if there is a way to use this plugin to display a 'generic' page?
i.e.: one that does not show the user's personal information (email, name, etc...)

Thank you for the amazingly quick help!

Re: Access Campaign as Web Page

PostPosted: 6:37pm, Sun 12 Oct, 2014
by duncanc
As you will have seen the plugin requires the subscriber UID to be passed within the URL so that it can customise the page. That also acts as an authentication step, which stops the page from being viewed by anyone who is not a subscriber.

If we had an "anonymous" page request, without the UID, I'm not sure how some of the phplist placeholders would result. The user placeholders can be replaced by empty strings, but a phplist placeholder for, say, to change preferences would still be there but would be wrong, e.g. it might result as

Code: Select all

I'll have a look into this, but as some people will not want the page to be publicly viewable, the plugin will need some other way to provide that restriction.