What feature would you like next

Things you'd like to see in phpList

What feature would you like next

Click through tracking (clicks on links in emails are counted)
Multi Language support (subscribe pages, messages etc in multiple languages)
Statistics/Graphs or subscriptions, emails etc
Dynamic retrieval of contents of emails ([URL:http://somesite])
Blacklisting unsubscribed users, so they can't be re-subscribed
Send Emails in batches (eg 10 every hour)
Date attribute for users that can be used to invoke an email
Forgot password system for encrypted passwords
More flexible frontend design
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Re: What feature would you like next

Postby michiel » 3:02pm, Tue 20 Sep, 2011

that's available in the hosted version (and the latest "dev" code) and it'll make its way into a download version when other issues have been sorted out (mostly the design stuff).
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Re: What feature would you like next

Postby arnoudj » 11:29am, Thu 08 Mar, 2012

I am begging for the integration of Mail2list into PHPList. So that you can sent a newsletter as a Email messag eventually with an attachement, with a password on the first line of the message. Like Mailman works. The advantage of Mailman joined with all the advantages of PHPList. :D
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Increased Flexibility without having to re-MOD

Postby cjtech » 3:57pm, Fri 14 Sep, 2012

I haven't used PL yet - am looking into it.

I have been perusing the forum, looking for a simple, any solution really, to be able to add information from multiple sources on a dynamic basis, based on subscription, user level, date, etc and haven't found anything that allows me to do this.

In my programming I have developed a framework that allows me great flexibility in customising the webpage without affecting the core of the system. It is a simple piece of code...

Code: Select all
if (file_exists(dir/whatever.php)) {
   include ('dir/whatever.php);

This could be included in a several places to allow developers to extend PL as their situations warrant.

In my situation it would be handy to have it before mail processing begins, before the mailing is sent and at the end of processing.

It would also be handy to have this available on the archive page right before the template is called for displaying the page.
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Re: What feature would you like next

Postby mrmckoy » 9:15pm, Sun 16 Sep, 2012

It would be nice if we could add membership levels to phplist and integrate paypal with it. I would like membership leavels.

It would also be nice if HTML pages could be generated when mass mails are sent out. If the admin wants the contents of his mailings made public many new subscribers could be attracted.

Improve the RSS email capability and add social engine sharing buttons to the templates automatically.
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