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Re: 500 Server Error

Postby karmakrif » 9:19am, Thu 12 Jul, 2012

That page might be expired.
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Re: Solution to the Server Error 500

Postby modtang » 1:22am, Tue 02 Jul, 2013

[quote="iconicweb"]Hi folks
This problem occured when I uploaded the Zip file and unzipped it on my server using the Cpanel unzip option.

After many hours of frustration I deleted the entire folder from my server, Unzipped the zip file on my local computer then FTP's the lists folder up to my server and hey presto everything worked perfectly without any modifications to the htaccess file or anything else.

I think this issue is created on some servers when the PERMISSIONS are incorrectly set, which can happen when you unzip the file on the server instead of uploading the unzipped package.


THIS! I tried everything mentioned in this thread and nothing worked. I'd unzipped my file on the server too so I delete all the files, extracted in Windows and uploaded them one at a time. Worked first go. Thanks for the suggestion. I was about to give up so I'm pleased I found this thread. :)
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