how do i get rid of the powered by image

Start here! No need to ask twice :)

Postby basovink » 7:08pm, Tue 04 Sep, 2007

We, the phplist developers, agree with this:

mibcons wrote:I have looked at the LOGO and have thought about it. I gladly leave it there. When I drive my Truck it says with big letters GMC, My car says Mercury and my Van says Ford. I paid for those items, this one is for free (donations seems to be welcomed)

Honour where honour is due.


But since there seem to be some issues with junk filters let me explain:

Most filters work by scoring your email. Every suspected property will get points and if the mail reaches a threshold it will be marked as junk. So if most phplist users have little problem with rejected mails and some have a lot, the latter are probably exhibiting suspicious behaviour.

Since we don't want to help junk mailing, we leave the logo in. It can be replaced by a line of text in the config. If you think you're mail is marked junk undeservedly send a copy of that email to us (use the 'info' user at this domain), and we might change our opinion on this subject. Apart from this it is GPL open source and you can find how to remove it in the forums.

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Postby rasco » 10:43pm, Tue 04 Sep, 2007

thewitt wrote:You have to comment it out in sendemaillib.php.


How do we remove the power by ?
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Postby H2B2 » 3:21am, Fri 07 Sep, 2007

rasco wrote:How do we remove the power by ?

# We request you retain some form of credits on the public elements of
# PHPlist. These are the subscribe pages and the emails.
# This not only gives respect to the large amount of time given freely
# by the developers but also helps build interest, traffic and use of
# PHPlist, which is beneficial to future developments.

# By default the webpages and the HTML emails will include an image and
# the text emails will include a powered by line

# If you want to remove the image from the HTML emails, set this constant
# to be 1, the HTML emails will then only add a line of text as signature

# if you want to also remove the image from your public webpages
# set the next one to 1, and the pages will only include a line of text
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Postby Steve P » 1:46am, Tue 11 Sep, 2007

If I donate can I remove the text?
Steve P
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Postby helzerman » 8:16pm, Thu 13 Sep, 2007

Just to weigh in... I have had users complain about the logo. They think that it means that the notes are not really from my company somehow. :?

I agree in giving credit where it is due, especially with free software.

That being said, I'd gladly pay for a version of phplist with all logos/credits removed.

That way, casual users can use the free version and help spread the word on this great program and business users can pay (a nice $ way to support the program) for the ability to automatically have all credits removed.

Seems like the folks at phplist and the customers would win both ways.
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Postby gricwb » 12:59pm, Tue 30 Oct, 2007

H2B2 wrote:Hear, hear! I agree with BUGabundo. And another reason why mail frequently ends up in the spam box is a badly configured mailserver and domain. Try testing your domain/rDNS etc. at and see whether it comes out well...

Nice!! Thanx man!!
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Removing Powered By.......

Postby m3m » 10:00am, Tue 12 Feb, 2008

I have no problem providing credit and I am happy to leave the full PHP pages for the subscribe, unsubscribe pages. That provides almost a "third party" integrity to those pages and I like that all of it is built in with defaults that work. However, any issues with undelivered mail defeats the purpose of the software to begin with, which is to make sure that it gets to people who want it. When the attached picture name shows up, it appears to be the dominant thing in a MAC mail display - just not right. And if there is any chance the text link will make the mail not get to users, I don't want it there.

Thanks very much to the person who posted how to take care of the issues.
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Re: No spam response.... you have to be kidding!

Postby ehm » 10:46pm, Tue 12 Feb, 2008

BUGabundo wrote:
jurycom wrote:So you think that a footer such as

...powered by PHPList

is not going to evoke a strong spam resonse even when the mail is not spam?

You're deluding yourselves.


prove to us them
i dont have had any trouble with my instalations.
even running spam filters on my inbox

My anti-spam got it as Spam, with this explanation:
"Image links to probably fraudulent server ("
, So I would remove that line yes.
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Commenting out code only partially works.

Postby dadrepus » 2:59pm, Thu 10 Apr, 2008

Works for html mail but not for plain text mail. I commented out where previously submitted and ran a test email. Had both plain text and html mail sent. Plain text still shows link to phplist. Html email does not.
Anywhere else to comment out?
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Postby bichenoubi » 7:34pm, Mon 26 May, 2008

I didn't test it yet, but search for that line
Code: Select all
$text["signature"] = "\n\n--\nPowered by PHPlist, --\n\n";
in file "sendemaillib.php" and comment it out.
In fact, you can try to comment everything concerning "signature" in that file.
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Postby johnap » 4:56am, Tue 27 May, 2008

hi bichenoubi,

It works!. Thank you!
Be helpful & Share your experience.
I'm always there to help anybody regarding Phplist.

Trust in God.
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Postby tomswift » 2:23pm, Tue 04 Aug, 2009

Just wanted to thank you for the info provided here about removing the image attachment on the e-mails.
I understand why you have it. I followed the advice here to go into the config file and insert the '1' instead of the '0' s.
Thank you.
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Re: get rid of the powered by image

Postby pinoselect » 7:24pm, Sun 23 May, 2010

me too and have just sussed this out

under config.php file select option under the Feedback >>> developers section >>> remove the PHPList images in the html emails and public webpages . Set both options to 1 and you'll end up with just a text link credit to PHP/TinCan .

hope this helps
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Re: how do i get rid of the powered by image

Postby celestescuro » 5:00pm, Sat 25 Sep, 2010

Hi to everyone!

My question instead is: ...and what about to get PHPlist footer image centered in my emails lowest part?

Which *.php line file do I adjust?

Sorry for my newbie questions! ..and for my english too!

Thanks in advance!
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Re: how do i get rid of the powered by image

Postby H2B2 » 3:18am, Thu 30 Sep, 2010

celestescuro wrote:My question instead is: ...and what about to get PHPlist footer image centered in my emails lowest part?

When viewing the HTML source of the subscribe page, you'll see the postition of the logo is deternined by a CSS class called "bottom".

So, try editing lists/styles/phplist.css and change the .bottom class to something like this:
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.bottom {font-family: verdana, sans-serif;font-size : 10px; font-weight : bold; padding: 2px; padding-left:20px; text-align : center;}
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