phplist scrambles my messages

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phplist scrambles my messages

Postby michiel » 5:44pm, Tue 08 Aug, 2006

in version before 2.10.3 (still to be published, 8th Aug 2006) phplist had some trouble converting multi lingual messages from HTML to text. In most cases, this caused HTML characters like é to appear in the text versions of the messages.

In version 2.10.3 this has been addressed, but it will be important to set your encoding of HTML and text messages to be UTF-8 instead of the default ISO-8859-1

To do so, go to "configure" on the menu and scroll down to "Charset for HTML messages" and "Charset for text messages" and set both values to be "UTF-8"
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Postby dleigh » 6:25am, Fri 01 Sep, 2006

Is there any kind of "code hack" we could apply while we wait for 2.10.3?


EDIT - I'm experiencing this with messages that are stored in WordPress that I'm sending as email using the [URL:http://message.url] as opposed to a message composed in FCKEditor in PHPList. Don't know if that makes a difference with respect to the bug report in Mantis...though I imagine it's all the same problem.
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Postby H2B2 » 3:14pm, Wed 08 Nov, 2006

If --after applying the above changes ( UTF-8 ) in version 2.10.3-- special characters like äöü are still being displayed as äöü in the text version of a message, you could try this fix:

In class.phplistmailer.php on line 61 ( function add_text($text) ) ,

$this->Body = $text;

to this:
$this->Body = html_entity_decode($text ,ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8' );

This fix does not seem to be necessary if 'manual text part' is enabled in the config.php file.

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Postby H2B2 » 2:45am, Fri 23 Mar, 2007

With phplist 2.10.4, a number of users reported having problems with UTF-8. If you encounter the same issue, please consult this report/thread:
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Postby neerajag » 6:38pm, Fri 11 Apr, 2008

Thanks H2B2, thanks for providing these links. This is exactly what i was looking for..
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Re: phplist scrambles my messages

Postby mtu1969 » 2:37pm, Tue 15 Dec, 2009

Long time seeking for solution but now i got it :-)

Found the solution to omit the FCKeditor to translate the german umlaute äüöß in ä etc. and therefore having wrong chars in the textmessages/textmails of phplist

In the file admin/fckphplist.php you can find these entries
FCKConfig.ProcessHTMLEntities = true ;
FCKConfig.IncludeLatinEntities = true ;
FCKConfig.IncludeGreekEntities = true ;
and so on

FCKConfig.IncludeLatinEntities = false;

is enoug to omit the encoding of these german characters äöüß ÄÜÖ
You can see the affect by toggleing Quellcode/Sourcecode mode on and of. The Umlaute remains the same.

After this change, the HTML-Message sent by phplist is still ok and the most important thing - the textmails generated from the html-formatted text is also ok and has all umlaute in correct manner.

In my opinion it is better not to have html-special-chars for the umlaute in html-mails but the correct umlaute in text-mails.

So look also to these settings if you have similar problems with other encoding-, translation-problems.

Forget about the settings in config.php
you can do what you want in this setting - it has no effect to the german-umlaute problem, because the FCKeditor causes this.


Hope this come to the FAQ, because since I use phplist - i was seeking for that solution.
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Re: phplist scrambles my messages

Postby fertarevet » 6:26pm, Fri 21 May, 2010

Had the same problem. Thanks for the information. Now the problem is solved
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