It doesn't work

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It doesn't work

Postby michiel » 11:26pm, Sun 04 Apr, 2004

Thanks for that. It's very useful to find out that "it" doesn't work :lol:

No honestly, please try to be precise when asking a question. Your situation can be quite different from someone elses, so in order to actually get a reply to your question, it will be useful to explain a few things, when you encounter a problem with PHPlist.

- what version of PHPlist have you installed?
- what version of PHP do you use?
- do you have your own server, or are you in a shared hosting environment?
- What Operating System (type and version) do you run

- What are you exactly trying to achieve?
- What page are you on (look at ?page=something) in the URL bar
- What did you do?
- What happened?
- What did you expect to happen?

And anything else you may think off that may help others to understand your situation, and possibly have a suggestion how to fix it.

Also, you may want to check a few things before posting a question:

- did the files upload correctly? Maybe the FTP transfer was cut off half way.
- did you double check your config file. It's quite a long file, so maybe you've overlooked something.
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